Top (four) questions you might ask about our product?

E-Flash Hair removal IPL

  • What is E-Flash?

Our most popular hair removal product, E-Flash 4C uses the latest Intense Regulated Pulsed Light (IRPL) technology. IRPL uses light energy to slow and reduce hair growth to give our users hair-free, smooth skin quickly and conveniently, in privacy of their own homes.

Different from the conventional laser treatment at clinics, IRPL offers a more affordable and long-lasting (up to 4 weeks) experience – without the need for daily shaving and other expensive hair-removal methods.

Adding regulation to the emitted flash, ensures the target area is heated in a constant and uniform manner, making it safer and more effective to get rid of unwanted hair when compared to the older IPL technology.


  • Is it easy to use?

E-Flash 4C is certainly easy and safe for you to use at home. It is a clinical proven, effective method for long-term hair removal. To use E-Flash, you simply plug in the power adapter, press the power button and you’re ready to start removing unwanted hair on any part of your body. There are three power levels which allows you to adjust the intensity. For more information on how to use E-Flash, see how-to on our website and read the instruction manual which comes with the product.


  • Does it hurt?

Unlike salon-based laser treatment, E-Flash with IRPL technology is mostly pain free. It is designed to be comfortable and there are generally no physical symptoms left on skin during or after the hair removal process. While using the device, the treatment should give you a warm, but not unpleasant, sensation on the skin. If you have more pigment in your skin, or in some particularly sensitive areas such as your pubic region and neck, you may experience a prickly heat feeling, but it is usually quite minimal.


  • How long do the results last?

The IRPL E-Flash removes hair from the follicle, so it reduces the risk of ingrown hairs and lasts up to 4 weeks after each treatment. The device also reduces the re-growth of hair, which means your hair will grow more sparsely and finely in future. While enjoying its long-lasting effect, your skin will feel smoother and appear well-groomed after each treatment.


  • How do I get my own E-Flash IPL device?

If you are not already enjoying the benefits of an E-Flash, get yours now by simply clicking the button below.

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