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E-swim laser hair removal
e-swim in-home and professional hair removal devices

Well known as E-Swin since 2007 and re-named ESW beauty in 2020 – E-Swin, was created in 2007 to bring the first home-use hair-removal device on the market – in medical quality, with professional technology inside, named the E-One. The E-One became the first hair-removal device for the general public to carry a CE-medical certification. Since then, they have created an innovative product line of IRPL® devices [control of light emitted from a flash lamp] E-Swin’s IRPL devices stand for innovative technology, sustainable production and long-lasting quality.

To view and order E-Swin and other industry leading products for your salon, visit our Professional range in the Zipple Shop.

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Or consider our At Home product range for home users such as the E-Flash that comes in coral, apple green, mint, navy blue, and lilac

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