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Do you love the feeling of silky smooth skin? Shaving and waxing are the most common hair removal treatments but the results only last for so long. Laser hair removal offers long-lasting results but it’s expensive and there is a risk of burns or scars if done incorrectly.

With advances in hair removal technology, it’s possible to have long-lasting silky smooth skin and do your own treatments at home.

Zipple brings the latest in home IPL hair removal technology to consumers, distributing the E-Flash product to Australia and beyond.

The E-Flash product uses IPL technology for safe and effective hair removal, lasting up to 4 weeks. It also helps to slow hair growth and leaves skin feeling smooth. The device is easy to use, and results are noticeable 14 days after your first treatment. 

With the E-Flash, silky smooth skin is always in season. Get ready to look and feel confident all year round!


about Zipple and the benefits of laser hair removal

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E-Swin is a French company whose high-end merchandise include state-of-the-art beauty products for medical, professional and home use.


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