How To Get Stubble Free & Smooth Skin That Lasts

stubble free and smooth skin that lasts from zipple

Everyday you get up, shower, eat breakfast, and perhaps go to work or do your leisure activities if it is your day off. And with each new day your unwanted hair grows and grows and grows.

This means you probably go through various painful ways to obtain stubble free and smooth skin. But does it last?

Most likely… No.

Read on to learn the various techniques in removing your unwanted hair.

The Painful Techniques

So firstly, we need to cover the painful techniques, which you most likely have used and endured for years. These include:

  • Waxing: uses a melted wax and cloth, or wax strips that are pressed across the target area and then pulled off in a quick motion.
    VIEWPOINT: This is seen as effective as you will do large patches of unwanted hair very quickly. However, if you have ever done this, then you will know that it is extremely painful, and in some instances, it rips the hair in half instead of pulling it out. This ripped hair leaves you with unsightly stubble.
    And, the upkeep requires you to vigorously exfoliator your skin to prevent nasty ingrown hairs from occurring…
    VERDICT: Very painful, minimal stubble, with smooth skin that only lasts a short period.

  • Epilator: a machine that you move over your skin that grabs hold of your unwanted hair and pulls them out one at a time.
    VIEWPOINT: Just like waxing this is painful, but you would experience even more pain as it is much slower and your hair is pulled out one at a time. Similarly, hair can be ripped instead of plucked, potentially leading to ingrown hair and stubble.
    VERDICT: Extremely painful, minimal stubble, with smooth skin that only lasts a short period.

The Creams Techniques

  • Depilatory Cream: A chemical technique that is used to destroy the hair.
    VIEWPOINT: If you have ever used this technique then you know it can leave chemical burns if left too long and can make the skin feel strange or numb. This is because it not only removes the hair but can also remove the top layers of your skin leaving it prone to irritation and rashes. The downside of this treatment is that it only removes the surface exposed hair leaving the root of the hair intact.
    VERDICT: No pain, potentially damaging to the skin, minimal stubble, with smooth skin that only lasts a short period of time.

  • Shaving: Usually a cream, foam, or balm is applied to the area and then with a razor blade the unwanted hair is shaved off.
    VIEWPOINT: This will cause you a lot of stubble and potentially within hours of the treatment as deeply rooted hair is left behind that just keeps growing.
    VERDICT: No pain, safe for your skin, stays smooth only for hours, and causes a lot of stubble.

The Light Techniques

  • Laser: uses monochromatic coherent light to target your unwanted hair, zaps it, and then it falls out.
    VIEWPOINT: This technique is great as it is fast, virtually painless, and can permanently remove your unwanted hair. The only downside being is a trained professional will need to do this for you to prevent any damage to your skin, and your hair should be in high contrast to your skin colour. For example black hair on fair skin works best in laser, whereas dark hair on dark skin will have trouble targeting the hair. Add to that, you need to wear laser safety glasses and the trained professional will be applying conductive gel on your skin to prevent burning.
    VERDICT: Fast, virtually painless, creates permanent hair reduction, but will work better for some skin tones over others

  • IPL: similar to laser, IPL uses intense pulsed light to target unwanted hair and removes it.
    VIEWPOINT: A great little device that can be used at home, is virtually painless, and can permanently remove your unwanted hair. And, due to the lower intensity of the light in comparison to laser, it is safer for you and easier to do.
    VERDICT: Easy to do, fast, virtually painless, creates permanent hair reduction, and is safer than laser.

Overall, if you want stubble free and smooth skin that lasts, your best option is an IPL device. So if you would like to get permanent results in the comfort of your own home, Zipple has the E-flash which comes in a variety of colours. Simply pick your favourite colour and purchase it to have it arrive at your door and ready to use.

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