Shaving vs IPL: Which is Better?

Hair removal IPL

When it comes to hair removal, shaving is a convenient option. Shaving might get the job done, but it’s not particularly effective and it doesn’t last.

IPL is a clinically proven, effective method for long-term hair removal. How does IPL really stack up compared to shaving? Keep reading.

We all love that silky smooth feeling our skin has after we shave, but it never lasts! Well with IPL it does. IPL removes the whole hair follicle, so you don’t get any nasty regrowth or pesky ingrown hairs.

IPL offers long-lasting hair removal for up to four weeks. Instead of having to shave every few days, you only have to shave once, just before your IPL hair removal treatment. Not only does that mean less time spent shaving (with less nicks and cuts) but it also helps the environment and your pocked because you won’t need to buy as many razors.

Another benefit of IPL is its ability to slow and reduce hair re-growth. When you shave, you’re only cutting off the hair. It’s good for a quick fix but your hair will grow back and after shaving it often becomes thicker and coarser. IPL uses gentle pulses of light to destroy hair down to the root. This slows down hair regrowth and means when your hair grows back it will be finer and sparser. You will get less and less hair re-growth as you continue with your IPL treatments and eventually you will have little or no hair!

All sounding good? We know people often think IPL is expensive, but Zipple is making it easy and affordable. Instead of spending lots of money on IPL treatments in a salon, you can purchase our E-Flash 4C device. You can do IPL hair removal treatments in the comfort of your own home and you’ll only need to buy replacement cartridges. Purchase your E-Flash today

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