Mint E flash and optic cartridge bundle from zipple
Mint optic cartridges from the bundle from zipple

Mint E-Flash 4C IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset + Optic Cartridge Bundle

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Are you in your element when you’re in or near the sea? This device provides the same refreshing and uplifting feeling that the ocean does, leaving you feeling strong and independent.

The Mint E-Flash 4C is a safe and reliable device for long-lasting hair removal. The device enables a reduction in the growth of hair that grows back.

Treatment protocol

It is recommended to use it every 15 days at the beginning, then every 2 months.


Hair grows back more sparsely and finely. The skin appears smooth and well-groomed.

Quick facts

    • This bundle is a great starter pack 
    • For long-lasting hair removal (up to 4 weeks)
    • Large flash area (4cm2)
    • Fast treatment
    • Easy to use at home on your legs, back and other regions
    • Unisex for him and her

What's included

  • 1 Mint E-Flash
  • 4 cartridges (4x5,000 flashes inside for 20,000 flashes total)
  • 1 plug in power supply
  • 1 manual
  • (No further accessories required)

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